Autumn #1


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  1. Sage says:

    You have a lovely town and great photos of the bird!

    • Vince says:

      Thanks Sage, I’m relatively pleased with the bird. I intend to gain experience over the winter. I’m finding that I make vast strides only to drop back to before where I was. Small errors and assumptions tend to compound.

  2. Rebecca S. says:

    Wish we had a bit of the ‘historical’ about our town. At least we have plenty of the ‘nature’. Looks like a lovely world you inhabit over there. I could reach out and touch that little birdie 🙂

    • Rebecca S. says:

      BTW, I can’t see your masthead photo. It just does not appear when I access your blog from my emails.

      • Vince says:

        Fixed I think. When I changed it caused things to revert to a default. Thanks all the same I hadn’t see it was gone.

    • Vince says:

      Still that photo was taken at 8:45 of a Sat morning. Remember the town is the shopping spot for almost 200,000 people, in theory. They have driven to the outskirts and into supermarkets the very heart of the town. All through bad planning and pure stupid greed.

  3. Kimberly says:

    The gate with the arch in it is so interesting. Pretty photos. I bet the birds enjoy visiting with all that good seed you leave for them.

    • Vince says:

      There is a mix of seeds. But the truly aggressive ones toss out the wheat to get to the sunflower and rape seed. Canola I think you call the oil.

      The arch replaced a tower. I haven’t seen an image of that, so I don’t know how in keeping this thing is.

  4. The town photos are gorgeous but all I could think about was how many times Branden and I walked through that arch looking for the Franciscan Friary that housed a tomb he was studying and then how many times we drove through the arch trying to find our way out of the town! Under different circumstances, we would have loved to snoop around and explore 🙂 Love the bird photos as well. The finches we would get back in my home State would go nuts over thistle seeds. Our State bird was the gold finch and we would have hordes of them, fighting for the seeds my mom put out for them. All I have in Cork is a pair of fat pigeons and the occasional magpie.

    • Vince says:

      (FAH) even those that know the darn system get lost in that stupid concoction of one-way streets.

      Did you find the friary. It to the east of the town wall behind the Main Guard in my photo. It’s not well known even in the town. It wouldn’t be the very first church that would come to mind if you asked anyone walking on the st. But I thought that was a new addition, well 19th century, anyway.

      I had none near the house either until I put up the seed feeders. All you have to do is make certain a cat can’t jump on them from any angle. Don’t forget down, I did and had nothing ’til I moved them.

      • Ok, thank heavens it wasn’t just us fighting that maze! We did find the friary and it isn’t very old but it’s on the site where the late medieval tomb was that Branden was studying…which is now stupidly positioned in the wall of the ‘new’ friary.

        So far the neighbor cats haven’t figured out a way to really get into our garden so I could probably just hang some feeders from the clothes line!

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