Autumn fruits and a last hurrah on the river.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    Very nice photos. With the professional camera are the close ups considered macros shots, or do you have to manually adjust for that clarity?
    Looks like there might be more gossiping than fishing going on out there on the river. :).

    • Vince says:

      Thank you.

      Only those that are bigger than life sized. The only one of these that’s macro is the last. There is a whole section, like portraiture, treating with macro. For me though it’s that I like catching it in the depth of field of the lens. You know like how they can catch a bride on her own, alone in a full church. So these are more portraits than macro. HA, leastwise that’s what I’ve learnt so far.

      Gossiping. Men don’t gossip. We plan. 🙂
      These guys were doing a lot of planning though.

  2. Kelly says:

    I like the mushroom pic best – especially how you captured the shadows on the caps.

    *sigh* I haven’t fished since it started getting so hot earlier in the summer. It’s beginning to cool some, so I’m getting a hankering…..

    • Vince says:

      We’re getting a good lot of stuff we don’t normally see. The summer was so darn wet you see, and that stressed stuff hugely. Those little caps are normally found in woodland, and damp woodland at that.

      Fishing this year for me was an utter washout. For the dry fly I need the flow relatively slow and the depth relatively shallow. It’s a style that ideal for our rivers since the volume and speed in a normal winter keeps them scoured of heavy weed. But this year, hell, there was less water in Jan than at any time in June July or August. It’s only been these past few weeks things have eased somewhat.

  3. Rebecca S. says:

    Too bad about your fishing. Our rivers were so high until quite recently! Your photos are lovely – I think the blackberries appeal to me the most…perhaps it’s the familiarity, for we have acres of them here. I’ve yet to pick any this year as our regular spot has been overrun by nettles.

    • Vince says:

      Ah well the fish will only be bigger next year.

      The blackberries are very plentiful this year aren’t they. They never give in without you paying though do they.

  4. sage says:

    Love the photos, especially the river!

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