Since Spring I had the impression that it would have been darn nigh impossible to shift Obama from the WH. Now I not so sure. It was Clinton that give me pause. Not because he is the consummate politician. But that his 45 mins displayed that the others quite simply were not.

No one, well, very few, can remember what Clinton had to say. But he sent all away with a warm fuzzy feeling leaving thoughts of Obama in that reserve area where you are going ‘yeah, that’s why he was on stage’.

As to the Reps, what can you say. All in all these people are probably very nice but no one with a reasonable grip on compounding could advocate a return to the gold standard. Further, the worlds most recent difficulties stem from a quest by banks for risk free investments like gold and replaced it with land and real estate. Such that it in itself became a commodity beyond the intrinsic return. Here agri land went to €22,000.00 an acre when the return over a ten-year period and world price would say 6000-8000 should be the point. Even still we are about €7000 above.

Home ownership is a laudable goal.  In that Bush MK2 was attempting to improve matters, so I believe anyway. I think though, he was incredibly badly served by his fathers cohort of 1950s thinkers who, at all levels encouraged an African Dictatorship degree of kleptocracy. However on the other hand, I find it truly impossible to believe that the Democratic party thinkers haven’t realized the core importance of Rent Law as a way to stabilize the market for the difference between gold and housing, you don’t need gold to cover you against the elements.  Shelter along with food is a ‘need‘ for survival. It the very same situation here, of course. There is still no realization that if they don’t put rental controls and long term controls in place there will be another huge bubble in the housing property market.

Clint Eastwood. What can I say. Well he makes good watchable films. I bet there are many that think he should stay at that.

Here in Europe we are back after the August holiday. Things are hotting up in that people are making statements only to have the Germans say ‘Ah, no, not if you want us to foot the bill’. And who can blame them. They see now, at long last, that they were seen as a permanent ATM for the middle classes of Europe. And with a really nasty spin to it that went back to the WWII.  They have figured out that the Greek Civil Service, together with the Italian Spanish Portuguese and the Irish are paid more than the same level in Germany. So a uni prof gets about twice in Ireland and at a general rule this is true all along the upper levels.  Ditto, with professional fees.

The evenings are rapidly pulling in. You’d think after this length of time I’d be more ready for it. But for some reason we think the norm is for 18 hours of full daylight instead of 10.

My Swallows are flying a storm these days. The young ones await my opening the shed door of a morning. The parents have already flown most mornings through a three-inch hole in the wall to get going.

Yesterday I went back to the place I bought the DSLR for the third time as the Nikon over the shoulder bag went at the plastic link attaching the strap to the bag. The other two bags went at the link while I was exiting a drainage ditch when the downward shot of force separated the strap from bag and only my speed prevented it hitting the ground. Since the bag was €50.00  I had no problem asking for a replacement. The odd think about the bag is the strap is in the same fabric of car seat belts and the bag itself has an outer cover much the same then padded with a softer inner covering. It’s not crap is what I’m saying. And as to usefulness. It is ideal for my schlepable instrument together with a second lens. I simply loop it over my head and the camera is at hand on my hip while I walk up hill or down dale.  So why on this earth they put a cents worth of shit plastic joining the strap to bag is utterly beyond me. Especially since  it’s hardly that they don’t know the cost of replacing the contents.

I’m keeping an eye out for a 2.5inch split ring in steel like one for a key. But since I’ve never seen one so big I don’t know if they even make key ring that large.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    The best thing about the conventions is that it gives the comedians great fodder for weeks. I’ve been enjoying that very much. A lot of people are reeling over this election. They are not happy with either candidate. I’ve heard many say, “I’m just not voting. I don’t want either one of them to win.” I still relate more to what Obama has to say, but really, what are they both actually saying. Neither of them has come out and said what they are going to do. They just seem to repeat the same hot-button social topics over and over, which should have nothing to do with how government runs anyways. It also seems to me that Romney doesn’t really believe in a lot of what he says; I think that’s why he might be coming off as such a cold fish. Everything he’s saying is so very different than his track record in Mass. I’ll tell you one thing, I’ll be glad when it’s over because the next few months we are going to be covered in BS from head to toe and frankly I’m getting tired of it. The Clint Eastwood chair bit was ODD wasn’t it. Also odd was the two wives trying to outdo each other on how poor each of the candidates were back in the day as if that would make us like their husbands more.

    Did you get your bag replaced? Also, what were you doing in a drainage ditch? 🙂

    • Vince says:

      True. But over this side we’re a bit bemused this year.

      It’s a wet country and the water has to get back to sea fast ergo the ditch. Since all fields have a ditch round then I need to cross many while out with the hound.

      Yep, I got it replaced.

  2. Kelly says:

    I’ll be glad when it’s all over and done with, too. The next two months are going to be long. As you know, I lean far more to the right than I do the left (and I may be your only reader in that position). That said, I certainly don’t agree with the candidates on that side 100% – you just have to pick the issues that matter the most to you and go from there.

    I finally read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand recently, after letting it languish on my shelf for 25 years or more. My brother was reading it and I thought it would be a good time so I’d have someone to discuss it with. Ever read it?

    • Vince says:

      Hmm, political logic seems to have gone this time. But yes that’s the only way, picking the issues that matter most to you.

      You need to be careful of Rand, she is quite plausible. But as long as you read her and keep in mind what she is trying to recreate. Which is the upper middle class life of Imperial Russia of the 1910’s. Something that wouldn’t be a million miles from Georgia about 1850. But again not at the top level. No, one step lower. Kinda colonial if you know what I mean.

  3. Ed says:

    If the republicans had someone a bit more personable than Mitt, I would say Obama would definitely be out of a job come the first of the year. But since they have Mitt, I think it will be close. If the republicans wanted a slam dunk, they needed a candidate who was much poorer than Mitt. Fortunately I have a DVR so I don’t have to listen to all the crap.

    I also have a nice leather camera bag with seatbelt like strap and METAL rings and clips. Of course it is about twenty years old but I wouldn’t trade it for any of the new bags on the market. They just don’t make things like they used too.

    • Vince says:

      Yes I would say the very same. This was Obama’s to lose. All was needed was a middle of the road sort of guy.

      Hmmm, I’ll have to keep an eye out for one of those. What I really need is a sort of fat satchel. The one I’ve got is a bit small.

  4. Kimberly says:

    Ah right, makes sense on the ditch.  It’s so dry here our ditches are full of sand, debris, and maybe a dead body or two.  So you can understand my concern.  If you’re in one here, your troubles are far greater than a broken camera strap.  😉

    • Kimberly says:

      Oops some how this didn’t reply in the right place.

    • Vince says:

      Yeah. They are about 10-15ft across shaped in a ‘V’. Then the parish drain is box about 30-40ft square. These are different to a river but lead into them.
      If I remember what you call drains you could drive ten cars abreast. Didn’t they used to be a feature of almost all cop dramas in the 60’s and 70’s.

  5. sage says:

    I always enjoy hearing what those in other countries think about our politics… Of course, this week is bringing a new set of challenges.

    • Vince says:

      Your very size makes keeping an eye on you a profound necessity . Reading about politics in Nauru as fun as it is for a politics nerd simply doesn’t have that edge. Let me put it like this. Here in Europe a deployment or moving of a small US company can build or destroy a region since economic growth is very thin and the injection of say 300 jobs can add €300,000,000.00 and then the multiplier takes over making it a straight billion. With it’s removal the reverse happens, only worse, since the 300 are trained into an employment that no longer exists within 2000 miles.

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