My World !!!!!!!!!!!!

Some-mer timmmme and the liv-en is eeeeeeee-zeeeee.

Bwahahahahahahaha, yeah right. If I wasn’t such a well adjusted fella, things might seem a tad down.


Oh, that’s a 162.0mm or six and a half inches in old money.



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12 Responses to My World !!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Sage says:

    Nice photos. Send us some rain, we can use it! The corn and soybeans are drying in the fields and the grass is brown.

    • Vince says:


      Yeah I’ve been reading about that. They are blaming the jetstream over with you also.

  2. Kelly says:

    Love the arch in the cemetery…. and Jess of course.

    • Vince says:

      The arch is part of a very old church. Not the oldest by and measure, but still the better part of 100 years. Same style of doorway and Charles and Notre Dame, only older.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I’d like you to send some of those temps our way too! Those are some cool temps for summer…how nice. :). That warm weather you had a few weeks ago was just teasing you.
    Jess is such a pretty dog.

    • Vince says:

      More than happy to oblige.

      Yeah, and doesn’t the little brat know it too. She had mucky feet and I’d just changed the bed. And it’s not that she went up and lay down. Oh No. She roushed the whole up to the head and then flopped down. And you didn’t need to be CSI to figure all that out either.

  4. Michele says:

    I think we are at about the same rainfall totals except all of our rain comes down in about a 1 hour period. One day last week we were getting 4 inches an hour. For 3 hours. I’d be happy to send all that rain up north and west of us as they need it badly.

    Look at pretty Jess, messing up the bed and doesn’t seem to concerned about getting into trouble about it. Very cute.

    • Vince says:

      You can see we’ve had a seventh of the years rain in June. And it had been both continuous and in deluge form.

      No, shes not is she. The little brat knows too.

  5. Ed says:

    So you are the one that took all our rain in June. Mystery solved. Give it back!

    • Vince says:

      Looking at the vis disk for the North Atlantic you aren’t getting it back anytime soon either.

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