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Oh crap.

The Artist got best picture. I refuse to say ‘won’. What win ?. You don’t win a vote you count it. Anywhos, enough of Vincent attempting to be a grammarian. Now there’s a laugh in itself. You’d have to say … Continue reading

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Syria; what the heck are we playing at.

Syria has been on the itinerary of most cruise ships that ply that end of the Med. It is loaded with ‘romantic’ and religious references. And anything with Templar Knights is like catnip to a section of the Europe’s population. … Continue reading

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On the riverbank.

Today is Ash Wednesday. In the Christian religions today is day one of the forty Jesus spent wandering in the wilderness. Lent in other words. There will be more that enough looking at the religious and theological aspect of this … Continue reading

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A big Ouchy-Owie

I’ve trained the dog to get up on the lazyboy when my mother enters the house so she doesn’t dance with delight all around her legs causing her to fall. This is a win for the dog.  She is higher … Continue reading

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Ides of February

February is a bit of a non month. This is especially true when one isn’t in a relationship. For weeks I’ve seen friends going nuts while their women fib through their teeth. Saying that the 14th of Feb doesn’t matter. … Continue reading

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Dreadnought put to work

A bit of info . I know it’s a gimmick,  a cover of another’s  music and so angsty that you feel like feeding them high doses of vitamin B.  Et, that one of the guys is “boyfriend” to the girl … Continue reading

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Back in the day

Way back when National Geographic photographers went out into the depths of Papua New Guinea they had in their heads what we cannot do looking at the darn screen at the back of the camera.  They knew what they had … Continue reading

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