A few things

Now it could be that I’m not as good as I thought I was with this ‘tinternet thing. But regular, at the very least weekly, dumping of the cache needs doing for those cookies can give ongoing personal info to all and sundry. This should be done before checking flights on-line for the scumy airlines put prices with the cookie, and a dump done before each time you do a check. While if you have Firefox like I do and are running XP. Dumping the entire thing [don’t forget the download files sitting in ‘my documents’ in the start menu], restarting, defragging and then and only then re-install.  I hadn’t done this and had a list of stuff longer that your arm squatting in the memory of the browser. I had stuff from five generations ago that had moved with the upgrade each time. And you really need to check Facebook settings if you are part of that insanity, they are by far the worst.

I was shocked, I tell you, shocked to the very core. They remade Hawaii five-0. Now I hadn’t seen the first one first time round. But I did see it in the 70s sometime. Anyhoo, I thought that I was in for a treat. A re-run of Jack Lord and had girded my self with a frisson of excitement to see the Polynesian outrigger canoe with that drum-roll. Only to find brittle acting, more than a tad gay in that ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ way, with some utterly sexless pseudo hot people prancing about. They didn’t even have the brain to shoot the darn Islands without half-baked camera technique ruining the only actor that could act effortlessly.

Imagine then my incandescence at finding they have remade Charlie’s Angels also. Setting it in Florida of all the places they could have put it. It’s from the same stable. Well stable is insulting to horses frankly. You need to think those that mess with the genetics of Goldfish to get close to the texture of this programme. This pair makes the CSI butchering of Quincy ME look like a reasonable homáge and lifts that plank-like acting in CSI to the realm of an award. Now I will grant the originals weren’t high drama, but dammit you knew the actors had at least a nodding acquaintance with the words coming out of their mouths, here you are certain they are just noise to these people. While the use of the word craft would insult those like Jack Lord, Jack Klugman and David Doyle if you ever thought the current lot knew such existed.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    I forget to do the “dumping” online. Facebook is ALWAYS changing the settings, so those need to be checked weekly. But I guess if you are crazy enough to post something that could get you into trouble – personally or professionally – that’s your own damn fault.
    There are so many remakes out on both tv and the big screen which makes me wonder if Hollywood is collectively out of original ideas.

    • Vince says:

      But what’s going on these days is far more insidious. If you open some shopping site you may well be accepting a spy on the system which will view ALL transactions. Think your store card, only in spades.
      It’s not so much the posting something. but the data mining that’s going on.
      Note that g-mail will have an add to match words or phrases in the body of a email.

      Maybe so with Hollywood, but you’d think they would try and make the new stuff better or at least try.

  2. Kelly says:

    Yeah, this is yet another remake of Charlie’s Angels isn’t it? I mean, we had the TV version, then the movie some ten years back, now another? I was never a fan to start with. I did like the occasional Hawaii 5-O, though. Book ’em Dano.

    • Vince says:

      At least the one with Cam Diaz had something.

      I was looking at Hawaii 5-0 on the wiki. I would never have said it ran ’til 80.

  3. R. Sherman says:

    I don’t do Facebook, and my browser dumps every time I sign off. Plus, I clear the cache weekly.

    As for Hawaii 5-0 and other remakes, Hollywood has officially run out of ideas.


    • Vince says:

      And don’t forget to click the privacy statement when asked on downloading the browser itself. Google and Opera sell your stats.

  4. Hollywood has now ideas. Exactly correct. 5 have some friends who work in programming (Sky new Zealand) who explained to me (tediously like I was a child) that I was “not the target demographic”
    But I think. If these guys are so smart. With content targeted at the the impoverished young. And to those who have only a small attention span. And who only seek the surface info.
    Why are their viewers continuing to abandon watching their programming.

  5. Crystal says:

    This post made me giggle to think you shocked! shocked to the very core. Such passion! 🙂 I agree that remaking old shows olny results in disappointment and shoddy work.

    When the movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was remade with Johnny Depp as the lead I could not have been more disappointed. Nothing can even touch the original in my mind and heart!

    • Vince says:

      I was certain I had answered you and Michele.

      It odd but I would have said that the re-make with Depp was useful. Not as good as the Wilder film but that’s our mark isn’t it. If your kids saw the Depp before the older one would they rate them as we do. Just saying that a re-make of an good iconic film needs to be superlative. Most are far far from that condition.

  6. Michele says:

    I knew that they had remade quite a few shows but have never watched any of them. It seems to me that the TV producers have no original ideas any more.

  7. sage says:

    “Stable is insulting to horses” I will have to remember that line. I do remember vaguely Hawaii 5-0 from the 60s and of course, I was a teen when Charlie Angels came on and although I thought the show was studied, I couldn’t take my eyes off it…

  8. Rebecca S. says:

    I agree. The remakes looked so terrible in the ads I didn’t even bother, even if I had the time to watch them, which I don’t. Love your stable insulting to horses, bit too.

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