New Year Budgeting

Budgeting was forced on me due to an unexpected visit to the rapacious tooth fixer before Christmas. Well  t’was imposed earlier than I like. Normally I hit that activity about mid March for then I feel the outdoors mitigate the deprivations. What’s actually amazing though when you sit down and work it out are the creeping bit of rubbish that enters the weekly spend. Why for instance am I buying one espresso at the supermarket when I know I make better at home. This even more, since I invested in an espresso maker at the back end of the summer. That has saved a darn fortune all on its own. And why exactly can I not sit down without a snack of an evening.

Enter then the discovery of pop-corn. How the heck did I miss it all these years. 100g, four mins in a lidded pan, a bowl the size of a horse-trough and you have an edible snack that’s actually enjoyable. And one you don’t feel porcine afterwards with bloat.

I was reading about all the goings on over in Iowa, but I quite honestly haven’t the energy to spare. So I’ll wait till something actually happens beyond a valid cull. For at the moment even for a election freak like myself this comes under ‘who gives a shit’. Frankly, I doubt Iowans gave much either. Winnowing might be a word to call it.

Yeah, Etna is letting rip yet again. There is something isn’t there, when one thinks ‘hmm, haven’t had a volcano eruption in a while’.

And who saw that chick doing the bungee from Victoria falls. I may well be wrong but I smell a fix. The reactions just aren’t rapid enough in coming.

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  1. Rebecca S. says:

    I will use one comment for these last two posts…lovely photos of your New years day hike. Gorgeous views! And Jess enjoyed it, too, I’m certain.

    When I was in high school I would come home each day – when I didn’t have something going after school – and make a large bowl of popcorn, sit down in front of the tv and dig in. I still like popcorn, but my stomach is not too keen on it anymore. My daughter likes to sprinkle Parmesan cheese on hers.

    • Vince says:

      Well so far so good with me. But I’ve developed the oddest capacity to digest things, with an even odder recent inabilities.
      And the hound had a ball up on the mountain.

  2. Rebecca S. says:

    As for the Victoria falls video – the first I’ve heard of the incident. It makes me wonder…are we listening to the reactions of the staff, or the people waiting for their turn? A bit suspect from here.

    • Vince says:

      Yes, very suspect. You’d expect some noise between the thing breaking and her hitting the river.

  3. Michele says:

    I can relate to the budget issues. We were forced to buy a new car this weekend. 45 days from now when I get that first bill I’m going to be cutting out everything except toothpaste. Good thing I filled the wine fridge before the old car died or I’d be giving up that real quick. As it is I’ll be rationing myself. I should anyway but I didn’t really want to. Dinners out will go the way of the Dodo. Popcorn makes a great snack. Better than the tasteless celery I’ve been eating lately.

    I’d say the reactions to the bungee incident is a tad mild to say the least and why didn’t anyone get down to the shore as fast as they could?

    • Vince says:

      What’s actually surprising is how much whittling you can do and have a reasonable life. There can be so much dross from little habits that you don’t even notice.
      I remember when I lived in London. It was too much bother to make a meal so I’d ring out. One flat, the cooker was as new as it was the day ’twas bought. The plastic was on the oven tray the day I left and I had a six month lease. It was that that caused me to sit up.

  4. Kimberly says:

    Those unforseen expenses are such a nuisance. Any time I have a surplus of funds, the car dies or something on the house needs to be fixed. I had two pipes under two different sinks go on me this week so those extra coffees have been eliminated from my budget as well. The plumber gets to drink them instead! I hope the dentist took care of you – just thinking about the dentist makes my teeth hurt. 🙂
    I gasped when the bungee broke. Maybe it was a case of paralyzing fear, but sheesh, it sure didn’t look like anyone was in any hurry did it!?!

    • Vince says:

      Yeah, if old houses had die-by dates on pipes and stuff it would make things far easier.
      I do wonder though if the plastic pipes of today will have anything like the life of copper. No matter what they say.
      I’m going to put up a picture of the Falls and the bridge.

  5. Ed says:

    We eat popcorn by the bushel here. I can’t think of anything else that I can more or less munch on for an hour straight and not feel a bit bloated. Thirsty yes, but never bloated.

    Actually we Iowans were really into the election and voted in record numbers for a caucus though in truth, that still amounts to only 5% of the population. For those who have never experienced a caucus, they are truly missing out. I enjoy sitting with my neighbors, discussing politics and plotting the future. I actually wish we would do it more often. Right now in Iowa, everyone is soaking in the blissful peace that comes to here after our caucus and all the politicians and reporters move on to other states. Now we can sit back and relax a bit until after the national conventions, content that we have done our civic duty.

    By the way, Republican Iowans haven’t correctly identified the actual Republican nominee in over 30 years so since Romney won here by only eight votes, I’m scratching my head as to who the end nominee will be.

    • Vince says:

      What we outside the USA find utterly amasing is the traction that Palin had for the these last years. We get the trotting her out to soak up that demographic. We have them here, I think everyone has. But they tend to prance about for a while until the media gets tired of them.

      I thought the lad from Texas had a chance, Perry. We should know once Michigan has their say. Mind you I don’t believe any of them has a snowballs chance in a blacksmiths forge of parking a rump in the west wing. But Perry in four years might be plausible. No harm in blooding him now. He seems sane anyway.

      • Ed says:

        At least in Iowa, Palin never had a chance. We are very intolerant of political candidates that can’t differentiate between their head and a hole in the ground. That is also why Perry didn’t stand a chance in Iowa. He just comes across as being befuddled all the time, kind of like Bush II. The thought of another befuddled man from Texas just didn’t sit well with Iowans.

        If you look at the county election results for Iowa, Romney only won around 17 of Iowa’s 99 counties but they were all the densely populated ones. Paul one nearly as many but they were more rural counties. Santorum won most of the counties. For me, I was divided between Paul and Santorum and in the end voted for Paul (who won my county), because Santorum was too much of a toe the line Republican from the days of Bush II. Santorum also has a horrid record when it comes to signing up for political pork barrel money. But I did so knowing that Paul is unelectable and if you have met him in person as I have, almost seems almost crazy at times.

        • Vince says:

          I did look at the county by county. I was a bit shocked by the Santorum result. I would have thought a home-schooling politician was pretty much admitting the only hope was the next generation and had pretty much given up. And with him from a State that was awash with really good expensive schools seems both cheap and defeatist. It also smacks of second guessing the Catholicism of the Jesuits.

  6. Kelly says:

    I believe you’ve categorized the election stuff correctly for the moment. I’ll take more interest when there’s a better idea of knowing who the candidate might actually be.

    I love popcorn and you can spice it up with the addition of a variety of flavors sprinkled on. I tend to go the microwave route these days, but there was nothing quite like standing next to the stove waiting to hear that first pop in the pan! As a kid I loved “colored” popcorn. Probably full of carcinogens, but it was fun for an OCD kid like me to sort before eating.

    • Vince says:

      With me biscuits had to have the butter in the inside. Dare anyone butter the side with the imprint. I did jig-saws also.

  7. R. Sherman says:

    Finding ways to save money is my wife’s hobby. As for popcorn, my kids kill for the stuff. They eat the microwave version (bag, three minutes) though the old fashioned stove method is the best. You have to keep shaking the pot, though, and be patient.


  8. Crystal says:

    Perhaps you buy espresso at the market because it is nice to have someone else make it for you once in a while. There is value in being served and taking a break from the norm once in a while.

    Budgeting is never fun for me. There just never seems enough money to go around. Especially with four little ones and one extra large man to feed.

    I too enjoy popcorn. I especially love it at the movie theater but the movie theatre variety is covered in saturated fats so i can’t indulge too often. Homemade is definitely better for the wallet and waistline. 🙂

    • Vince says:

      Ah, the point about the budget is that you actively put it away for something. Not that you move it to other spending.

  9. Victoria Falls. Reactions in real life are slow. It’s not like the movies. There were probably people who were standing right there who are as yet unaware of the event.

    • Vince says:

      Yes that’s true. But in this context as with a car crash at an F1 event. This has to be to the fore of the mind as a real possibility so the shock value won’t be so stunning.

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