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A Sunday thought or two

History is the study of conscious actions by human beings, or so I’ve thought. When at College, I resisted strongly examination of anything that ‘acted upon’ without mind being called history. I now think that my resistance was ill-considered.¬† The … Continue reading

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I live in a brilliant little country. I’m biased, still, other people really like the place also. But somehow 60,000 school-leavers cannot find employment each year. 60K, the number that we shell out of the various educational establishments into the … Continue reading

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Past black monday

Dancing on ice is a programme on the BBC every winter. This show has become tedious. Early on, five or so years ago, they had celebrities who on ice looked much like a newborn foal. Who had ultimate catastrophes, not … Continue reading

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Well, who-da thunk

A ship sunk, near as dammit anyway, having struck a rock. Well you’d have to say ‘shit happens’. But what I don’t get is how in this day and age a ship designed to carry huge numbers of tourists in … Continue reading

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A few things

Now it could be that I’m not as good as I thought I was with this ‘tinternet thing. But regular, at the very least weekly, dumping of the cache needs doing for those cookies can give ongoing personal info to … Continue reading

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New Year Budgeting

Budgeting was forced on me due to an unexpected visit to the rapacious tooth fixer before Christmas. Well¬† t’was imposed earlier than I like. Normally I hit that activity about mid March for then I feel the outdoors mitigate the … Continue reading

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New Years Day

I didn’t really think I’d get up any mountains until about late February or even March. I mentioned something like this on a post about my last trip up the nearby mountain. This must have set a little fly-wheel in … Continue reading

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