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The last for this year ?.

Ireland is no different when it comes to ‘doings’ than any other small polity. A small interest group either dreams up some wish or imports it in from outside. It is then quickly inflated and released. At first the idea … Continue reading

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2011; an Obit’

Any year that you learn something new isn’t a total loss. And I’ve learned to play the guitar. Not well granted, but I can sight-read tab from the web with about one error in sixty. Beyond that, I’m delighted to … Continue reading

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A few new ones

Truly the skies at sunrise and sunset are amasing this last week. The rise and set cannot be more than seventy degrees; it jumps the mountain you see in the shots. In the morning you get about four minutes shooting … Continue reading

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Oddness and Difference

I mentioned earlier that the English language is fraught with traps, snares and pitfalls for those that speak it within a well-defined local area. It is, simultaneously, the widest spoken geographically in a global context and with words still in … Continue reading

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Evenings and Spanish Dancers

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regarder avec amusement

I suspect that some will view with a gimlet eye many of these, much like I do. But I’m not at all sure about the 7th Oct.   “Lignin, the stuff that prevents all trees from adopting the weeping habit, … Continue reading

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An odd belated trip. pt2

Intellectually speaking, Sunlight is a dangerous and uncomfortable thing. In the cave allegory the light mediated by people and the information given indirectly has that degree of collective certainty that while you’re helped up the slope to the Light you’re … Continue reading

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