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A Collection

We changed from Summertime at 2AM on Sunday morning. ‘Spring forward and fall back’ and all that you know.  I seriously question the very value of this move. There might be a bit of a point later on, say on … Continue reading

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Not a bucket list.

A friend of mine went on a huge trip this past summer. A trip mostly by train from Vietnam through to London. Anyhow this was his and is his to write about, but it kinda got me thinking about where … Continue reading

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Status quo ante bellum

Life has returned to normal after the experiment adding a playmate for Jessy ended yesterday. The dislike from the previous few days degenerated into outright war.  Bella ended up with a damaged ear throwing off enough blood that it looked … Continue reading

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Dawn, Sunrise and dogs

Five days on and things have settled between Jess and Bella somewhat. Still Jess is only waiting for the Go to drive what she sees as an interloper from the home/den. I was expecting some friction but I had conned … Continue reading

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Enough is enough. When All the photos vanish simply because I happened to click on the google plus option; and the new interface is so darn awkward that you cannot do anything other than upload all again. Anyhows, I’d half … Continue reading

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Smurf homes and evenings walk

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