Darkness and Light

The Swallows fledged about ten days ago. They are gone each day to return each evening where they -the four of them- sat within their nest. This is the current state of affairs regarding the fledglings. The parents on the other hand roost on a electric flex to a lamp and have by day began building a new nest about two feet from the old one. There is something truly hilarious seeing the smug teenagers squashed into a home way to small while the parents construct anew.

We’ve had another report on clerical sex abuse of kids. This is the fifth in as many years. But the truly sad thing about this one is that it refers to abuse that happened in the last 15 years. Together with the Catholic Churches response. Cloyne Report  It makes harrowing reading for any human being. Never mind for those that describe themselves followers of Jesus Christ. All this must be contrary to the UN Treaties.
Oh, for those of you old enough to remember Paul VI and John-Paul I. The priest at their shoulder in most of the shots from the 70’s is the Bishop of Cloyne referred in the report.  

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7 Responses to Darkness and Light

  1. Michele says:

    When my boys were teenagers I would have loved to be able to build a new nest near by. Close enough to watch out for them but far enough away not have have to deal with the laundry.

    I'm not even going to comment on the Catholic Church or any organized religion because I have issues with all of them. I do hope the all the parties involved get help. This type of thing cannot keep happening.

  2. R. Sherman says:

    We had that here, too. It's a a shame they haven't striven to get their house in order.

  3. Kelly says:

    I'm not that familiar with the breeding habits of swallows (or any birds, for that matter). Do they hatch two batches of eggs a year or is this new nest for next spring?

    I'll refrain from commenting on the Church issue, too, other than a random aside to say that I saw Paul VI many years ago as a speck in the window waving at (blessing?) us. As a Christian I'm often ashamed of how “we” have behaved, both presently and over the centuries.

    Nice shadow shot in the header!

  4. I had a professor who once said that teenagers (middle schoolers in particular) should be shipped off to a remote island for a few year so the rest of us wouldn't have to deal with them. It sounds as if your birdies have the right idea.
    Very, very heavy reading for this early in the morning, both in length and content. There is no longer the “learning curve” to fall back on. Even with systems in place they still failed at handling it. Unconscionable!

  5. Rebecca S. says:

    Very sweet about the fledglings. As for the priests…ugh. The fullest extent of the law is required here. I've read a bit about it and find it all incredibly painful.

  6. What a travesty. I often feel so helpless in the face of crimes of this nature because they are done in dark corners, hidden from view. The victims are shamed into silence. Awful. Just awful.

    I like birdies though. That was cute to read about. 🙂

  7. Akannie says:

    Hiya, Vince!
    I'm a new reader to your blog from across the pond…beautiful pictures and I'm reading through.

    I'm a gardener, bird watcher, hokey pokey dancer…hoping to make it to the Emerald Isles someday…my fondest dream.

    See you again!

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