And the DNA shows that….

Dear sweet mother of Diogenes. But you’d have to wonder if Watson and Crick had afternoon car-crash telly in mind when they were working on their discovery. I happened to encounter a programme the other day where the parentage of a kid was being questioned. And truly sad as it is that such is the case. Surely, having all the crap exposed on the TV can’t be good for anyone.

Having returned to Coffee after a three month or so hiatus. I’m now halting any worry and buying the best I can afford. At this stage it a sheep or a lamb option, for if I’ve to suffer the hell of withdrawal every month or so I may as well drink gorgeous coffee during the interim.

The musical hobby/career/self inflicted torture has being going apace. But if I knew then what I know now I mightn’t have started.
Needless to say my notion of cavatina was vastly over expectation. And I never thought that any of the Punk Rockers were anything other that knuckle dragging gorillas so it was with shock I’m now thinking that they have a good bit of merit, for their time.
 Anyhows, I’ve now got about twenty short pieces of the likes of  The yellow rose of Texas; Red river valley; Amazing Grace; Morning has broken; the Sloop John B &co. As I said short stuff and kinda folksy.
And who knew that TAB is as old as normal music notation and about two hundred times easier when using a guitar. Using the TAB I don’t have to ‘translate’ from the notation to a keyboard and transpose upside down and mirrored. It’s easy-peasy when held by the mental gymnastics of notation.
You’d have to wonder at those music teachers that inflict on kids -that have no method of analysis- the convoluted techniques. ‘Tis no wonder that kids chuck music at their earliest opportunity.

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10 Responses to And the DNA shows that….

  1. R. Sherman says:

    Piano is that way, too. All instruction is the same, whether the student is a prodigy or just wants to learn for a hobby/fun. Dare I say, it drives more people away from music than otherwise.


  2. Vince says:

    The advantage you have as an adult is you tend to know how things go in AND stick inside the head. You then don't have the double confusion of how you're learning and can concentrate on what.

  3. Michele says:

    Do I understand this correctly, you gave up coffee? Whatever for? You are a much braver soul than I am. I firmly believe that coffee is consciousness in a cup.

  4. Vince says:

    I had a set of those two chamber Italian jobs that make espresso the old way. They ran from a two cup to an ten cup. When I reached for the second fill of the ten cup I realized I was profoundly stuck on coffee. Now I only drink French press. And only one per day. When I go for the second fill I give up for a month to detox.

  5. Physically one might feel better without coffee, but it has been my experience that is not the case mentally. Do I understand correctly that French press has much less caffeine than espresso? If so, right there you are already ahead. What is TAB? I threw up my hands at learning music for the reasons you mentioned.

  6. Kelly says:

    Sounds like you're about ready to present a concert. 🙂

  7. Michele says:

    Of all the vices coffee is the least offensive. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. We make one pot of coffee per day and I drink 2-8 ounce cups. Then I switch to green tea. Which I hear increases the metabolism and at my age I'll do just about anything to boast that!

  8. Rebecca S. says:

    I like the clarity of mind coffee gives me first thing in the morning, but I have to be careful with it. Too much coffee makes me agitated and itchy – weird! I only buy organic coffee, grind it myself immediately before making it in the French Press and enjoy one large mug per day. That's all I'm allowed except if I have a lot of physical work to do thay day, for then I can work off the effects of the caffeine. I generally give up coffee for Lent, just to detox a bit, as you do – but it ain't easy!
    Glad to hear the music is coming along. TAB is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    Beautiful photo!

  9. Jeff says:

    I love coffee and wish I could play a musicial istrument!

  10. Very impressive! It's hard to learn an instrument when you're not a kid! You go!

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