A spring evenings walk

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  1. Kelly says:

    A lovely walk with many beautiful things to see. Does Jess like to chase or bark at the cows? Do you know what breed they are?

  2. It looks like your spring has sprung! Beautiful! Will the sunshine last awhile now or is it still mixed with showers?

  3. Vince says:

    Frisian and Angus cross, Kelly. She does, but she gets to near them.

    P-D, Yep, and in a big way. But the big trees have yet to set leaf. Our only issue with such good weather now is that we might not get any summer. That's happened before, well every year mostly.

  4. R. Sherman says:

    Always be mindful for a bull. I've had about a dozen bull-attack cases over the years and I've learned this truth: The bull always wins in fights with humans, unless the humans are a)Spanish, b)matadores with c)some picadores in attendance.


  5. sage says:

    Nice photos, spring decided to hold off a bit here as we woke up to another blanket of snow today!

  6. DayPhoto says:

    Lovely! The Green Isle of Ireland…I so enjoyed this photo tour and your header!


  7. Beautiful. And so green my eyes feel rested.

  8. Rebecca S. says:

    Your spring is ahead of ours, especially when you mention temperatures of 20 plus.
    That sixth photo down is a stunner! Your new masthead is lovely. Is it a keeper?

  9. Vince says:

    Rebecca; No, there is a reed in the middle of that swan.

    Thanks Kathleen, Linda and Sage.

    Randall; all heifers, not a bull amongst'em

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