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Truly it’s hard to do what the Irish Government has done over the last 20 or so years. When presented with a choice on economic policy they consistently made the wrong one. Now I must explain that this choice was not like putting chips on a roulette grid and it missing #42 for twenty years. No no no no, this was like betting on red or black, where even if they closed their eyes and just plopped down the bet they would get it correct at least 50% of the time. But now it’s getting really serious as we plummet towards sovereign default the idiocy is just laughable. This is compounded for we’ve got people that are fully explaining the errors.
Anyhow enough of that crap.

I may have mentioned that the fishing season opened here on the Suir basin and that of  her sisters on the 17th of March. I was out with my rods on that day, not really expecting any catch and I wasn’t disappointed. It was quite a cold day and any self respecting fishy would be in a wallow allowing the rush of heavy water to tumble over him. 

Like last year I had the dog with me, thinking that she would do as last year, mooch about hovering up smells and generally amusing herself. I wasn’t taking much notice of her,  other that the odd glance to see what she was into. Dog owners develop that ability like a parent to hear when their charges are into something they shouldn’t. And that’s what I thought when I didn’t see her therefore I went alooking for her. Not a sign. Nowhere. Nada. 
Then I saw a flash of white buried inside a thornbush and she came out rather sheepishly when I called her. All in all I didn’t over-think it and went back to my fishing. Then out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of her vanishing back in the direction of the motor. Then did it dawn.
 Now I’ve been fishing a dozen or so times since. And it’s getting very favourable. What with 20C degree days and the water levels low enough to cast a fly from the water rather than messing about on the bank.
So I’m getting in the practice and redeveloping that little action between thumb and pinkie at about eleven which caused the line to lengthen straighten which causes the leader to flip over the line and lodge nicely more or less where you want it.
But in all this, no hound. Nope she is sitting back in the rear of the car happy enough in the knowledge that she will get a long walk after. 
It’s getting to me though. What the hell has caused her to develop this new phobia. I know she’s not good with anything new, but this isn’t new. And dammit she should be out in the air, not stuck in the back of the car. To this end I bought one of those harnesses. I’d tried tying her on her lead and collar to a cane I inserted into the ground. But she just pulled out of that. So with the new item I believed I had her once and for all. She would stay tied on the bank near enough to see and re-acclimatise.
 Ha, the little whelp stepped out of the new harness like it didn’t exist.       

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9 Responses to Fishing etc.

  1. sage says:

    Dogs are funny! Good fishing, my friend. Trout season is still a few weeks away for most rivers.

  2. Kelly says:

    Hmm.. wonder if she had an encounter with something that didn't set well? Dogs can be strange creatures, with minds of their own for sure!

    So you're fishing for trout? I've never tried that, nor any kind of fly fishing for that matter. I'd like to someday, but for now I'll stick with bass. We've only been out the one time so far this spring, but with good results.

  3. That's a problem. With no dog nearby on the riverbank with whom do you discuss the finer points of the fishing problem.

  4. R. Sherman says:

    I need to go fishing and soon. I wish I had a place close by. Alas, the Missouri trout streams are at least 2 hours away, not close enough for a spur-of-the-moment excursion.


  5. Vince says:

    Ah Sage, I'm not really expecting any bite. There is as yet no rise of nymph. You're right dogs can be funny creatures, but mostly you can work out the cause.

    Kelly, you need a bit of room when you start off. And a trick is to tie a down feather to the leader instead of a flyhook. It saves you making a complete daw of yourself on a river where there might be an audience.

    Exactly Kerry, and 'tis manys the profound discussion we've had on the sound of timber falling in a forest with nothing to hear it.

    To be honest Randall and to use a computer hardware simile, I'm less bothered about the fish than the defrag.

  6. Kate says:

    My brother gave my seven year-old a fishing rod for Christmas. My brother spent his childhood fishing at every opportunity in Scottish rivers when we were on holiday. But I've no idea how to fish, and neither has my husband. We're off on Sunday up to Scotland and Ed wants to take his rod. What crap parents we are. His uncle needs to give him a tutorial over the phone! Your dog sounds as if she has some good – doggy-reasons for her strange actions. It's a shame that it inteferes with your good fishing though.

  7. Sitting on the bank and staring at your landscape seems like a far better idea than worrying about the financial crisis. Here or there, it's all too much really. Hope your fishing has been more fruitful.

  8. Rebecca S. says:

    I see you've figured out how to make a one word link, so I don't need to tell you now!

    Anyway, maybe you could take Jess to a 'dog whisperer' and sort out the problem 🙂

    My eldest brother used to take me fishing for rainbow trout. Sometimes he would take off early in the morning and come back with enough for breakfast. My younger son would like to fish, but his dad is not a fisherman. However, when we lived on a lake, he would take them out from time to time to fish from a rowboat. They always loved it.
    As for your country's economic woes, I'm sorry.
    But that bookshelf thingy you have is great. (I'm easily distracted, you see 🙂

  9. Rebecca S. says:

    One more thing. Lovely photos. The 'house' in the second one – is it something specific, or just someone's home?

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