Nearer Boston than Berlin

Yesterday, Obama decided to invite himself over for a visit. And if he had decided to arrive last year he would have been lionised. This year not so much.
When Obama seemed to have half a chance a few years ago of getting elected one of the CoI vicars named Neill found a connection to the Island. Well lets put it this way he is hardly the first and certainly won’t be the last. But it seemed a bit forced. Nothing ‘natural’ about the whole thing.
Now I’ve no dog in the fight between the Dem’s and Rep’s in the USA. Mostly because both parties split right of any realistic centerpoint that holds on this side of the Atlantic. This to the point where the far left in the US is vastly further to the right of even the Monday Club in the UK. And that’s really saying something. Further differences tend to be on social controls which would be seen as being a personal matter on this side.
What I really don’t get about the visit is why. I don’t for one second believe he has any thought of Ireland from one year to the next other than having the Charles river going green on 17th March. And I also believe that his offshore thoughts don’t stray further than the last two of the fifty, Hawaii and Alaska.
However, the most damning poll came out over night. The sex appeal one. According to 1000 Irish women of various ages. 80% think he’s good looking but without charisma. Basically they think he’s half the man Clinton was. And good looking girls would be totally safe working near him. This they think is a total waste.
To look at his reasoning for the trip. How many voters of Irish descent would vote for someone simply because he went to visit the ol’ country. Or better who would lose a vote because he didn’t visit. Surely he would be better employed going south of the border.
All the same, he will be made very welcome.

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10 Responses to Nearer Boston than Berlin

  1. Ed says:

    I think if I go out to my 4th great grandparents, I am 5/64th Irish. I didn't drink a bear though I did break out a green polo shirt yesterday.

  2. R. Sherman says:

    I would hope very few people would vote based upon the destination of an overseas visit. The problem with this president is that he's overseas so much, that people on both sides of the fence see him as disengaged from problems both here and abroad. He's going to Brazil next week for no discernible purpose, while Japan melts and Libya goes up in flames. Not the best image, I think.


  3. Rebecca S. says:

    From what I've read recently, Clinton had real movie star status in the U.K. Obama, not so much.

  4. Bernie says:

    I think Obama is one of the best President's the US has ever had, history will verify this I'm sure. He cares for everyone, all he does is put his head down and work, when he travels it is always to promote his country, connect with others who can provide jobs. You are right on about the left being too far right otherwise where else could you go and have lunch with your grandchildren with people at the next table packing guns. Oh yes if you want to start a revolution in the US just try and give everyone health care…….:-)Hugs

  5. Michele says:

    I find it intriguing what others around the world think of our President. I try desperately not to think about any politicians.

  6. Vince says:

    Michele; I think a lot of the problem the rest of the world have with POTUS is that there are so many of them. And all have a stratospheric profile when all they are is politicians.

    Bernie; if the Democrats had played their cards correctly they could have held both houses and the Whitehouse for a generation. When what happened with Bush 2 it's graymen that are needed for it's gray that changes things. The time to wheel out an iconic candidate is not when he cannot lose but when he might win against the odds. For heavens sake the Democrats would have to truly work at it not to win last time.

    Rebecca; Clinton, because of his facilitation with the peace in northern Ireland, can do very little wrong on either island.

    Randall; do you think he'll get the re-election ?.

    Ed; me neither on the beer, and no green either. Huh, on the numbers. 5/64th ?.

  7. Kelly says:

    I'm not a fan of Obama nor was I a fan of Clinton (even when he was my governor). That said, I don't see anything I particularly like coming out of the Republican side, either. Bleh!

    We need to do away with our two-party system. It's all about the money.

  8. In Boston, the visit might go over well. When I lived there I got out of numerous speeding tickets just because of my last name. As much as I am sure Obama will enjoy his trip, I agree that there are a few other countries who seem to be in far greater need of his attention.
    Just looked up the Monday Club…yes, that is saying something!

  9. sage says:

    Interesting to know how our president is seen in the eyes of Irish women! Good post.

  10. Vince says:

    @ Sage, PD and Kelly.
    I don't suppose you could send Michele Obama instead.

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