Green or other

This last week I bought another ton of anthracite. A high btu almost smokeless coal and one of the most efficient house heating fuels available. Granted there is that pesky little job of refilling the fire and that need to dust the room a bit more than one might in the normal course of events. The price and the likely future price of oil sold me on the solid fuel stove. But this year because of the two cold snaps where the night time temp’ went below -10, I’ve had to get new stock.
That in it’s self isn’t all that fun for a blog post. But the question on whether a person is a greeny tree-hugger, might.
So, am I green or just plain cheap. Well I’m just cheap. I think it makes eminent sense to make the house as insulated as can be. Roof, walls, floor. Energy saving bulbs. Keeping doors closed between rooms. The whole ten yards.
The only issue with the whole thing is that no one tells you that if you go and insulate to that level you NEED a source of fresh air. This was normally supplied with the cracks and gaping holes which allowed a flow. But now you need a heat exchange unit which with a slight change of pressure keeps the air truly sweet.
As with anyone who has a fire inside I’ve got a carbon-monoxide detector along with the smoke alarm. This is just plain sense. But did I feel under pressure because there is global warming. Did I listen to all the arguments about that subject.
The first absolutely NO. The second, yes.
Over the last twenty-five years I’ve read all the arguments about climate change. Do I believe in it. Of course I flaming well do. No one brought up in Ireland or the UK for that matter can believe other. It’s in your face each and every moment of the waking life. But do I believe that the human has caused this current climate change. This I think is a non question. For if true we would be foolish to do nothing. If false, and having done something, what harm. But if true and did nothing, why would you bet against a house that can shoot you if you lose.
Where’s the issue then. With me it’s that hectoring peevish shower that are forever going on with that permanently whiny voices that you can hear even in print. These people are the grown up version of that little shit we’ve all encountered that as kids who at the sniff of any thing vaguely bold ran home to tell tales. These people are the ‘dont’ do that’ type without ever pushing with an idea of their own. These people have slated initiatives where things have been tried and failed. Like the one Bush II attempted. Like the ones here in the EU. Like the electric cars. I could go on. But what they forget is that it’s only by trial that we evolve. Granted what Bush II did caused a dramatic rise in food prices. Or at least the initiative was blamed for it anyway. I’m less certain. Still thinking on the future needs for food, devoting huge acreage to fuel crop was not a runner. But there are millions of acres of marginal land in all countries where food production can only happen with vast subsidy, what the dickens is so hard about bringing these into valid production.
Where many people are positive, like myself in my small way, others are completely nihilist. But what I’ve noticed over the last few years is the gradual shift to the practical and a silencing of those voices that would have us back painting on cave walls. This happened when the average Joe realised like myself that we could do something, that this issue did not belong to the climatologists and the sandal-wearing brigade. That buying veg, eggs and meat from the local lad was the best and it had the added plus of having people realise they had taste-buds. Truly it’s worth the extra to buy a chicken that lived a life scratching for worms. It will bring you back to a time when chicken actually had flavour. If you think about it, there are kids, well teens that have never tasted the bird. Really tasted it. And equally, unless you buy organic eggs they’ve never tasted an egg either.
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