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Irish Election

Here in Ireland we’ve just had a General Election where what was the largest Republican Party was decimated. Greece had people out on the streets for the last few years. But there they dont have that nuanced grasp on the … Continue reading

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Green tomatoes, red tomatoes, blue tomatoes. Kinda blue, almost Black.

Back in the day, we all knew where we stood politically speaking. There was a bloody great gash down the middle of Europe. Either side of which you knew if you were good or bad. We had films for the … Continue reading

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Attempts at education

What is it about the education industry that getting the cohort of kids out of the system with a good grasp on the basics so they are useful either to employers or more realistically to higher institutions of education and … Continue reading

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Green or other

This last week I bought another ton of anthracite. A high btu almost smokeless coal and one of the most efficient house heating fuels available. Granted there is that pesky little job of refilling the fire and that need to … Continue reading

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And more photos

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some photos

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