After the New Year.

After the New Year there is a lull while the Sun decides that it’s gone far enough south and is debating whether or not to feck off altogether. We of the Northern Latitudes feel this ennui every year. But dear heavens I thank God I don’t live further north for  light between 8am-5 pm only is as much as I could take.
Of course the Ancients knew all about this, and put a whacking great festival right in the middle that we’ve continued as Christmas. And while they didn’t know about depression. It’s no shock that Whiskey was developed in these climes.
Still, having the electricity at some brown out level for the past fortnight and the mains water more off than on doesn’t aid matters all that much.
I sorry, there is only so much Pollyanna Whittier’s happy clappy rubbish that one can stomach in oneself at this time of year. You need to wallow a bit for there is none as annoying as that permanently happy cove.

But there is a noticeable lengthening, so there is some hope, eh.

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12 Responses to After the New Year.

  1. R. Sherman says:

    Love the photos.

    As for January through March, the whole quarter year sucks in spades, as far as I'm concerned. Where I live, it's cold and gray without much snow, i.e. absolutely nothing redeeming about it.

    The older I get, the greater my desire to retire to the southwest desert–Sonora most likely.

    You're welcome to visit, if you wish.


  2. Vince says:

    If you moved to the Wine Country of California. I adore the photos of that area. I think I'll leave the southwestern sands to John Ford and Gram Parsons.

  3. Rebecca S. says:

    Ha ha, just loved that first bit about the sun trying to decide whether to 'feck off' altogether or not. We had a four hour power outage last evening starting in the late afternoon. Not too fun but we survived. I am starting to feel a little blah myself as we are having real winter this year – bit of snow, cold wind and all that. The upside of that is Spring will really feel like SPRING this year and not just a slightly warmer version of rain. So I look forward to the first snowdrops very much. Cheers!
    And yeah, the California wine country looks just about right, doesn't it 🙂

  4. Ha. Here we enjoy the opposite right now. But you can find fault in anything if you try. There is now just a hint the long days are starting to change back. Sad.
    http://www.thefield of

  5. Michele says:

    I spent 45 years in Seattle, Washington. WILL.NEVER.LIVE.THERE.AGAIN! From October to May it is rainy, gray, and cold. Not real cold but that wet miserable to your bone cold. And while it is hot and humid here in Houston, Texas in the summer I'll take that any day compared to Seattle because from November to May it is lovely. Though this week is unseasonable cold for us.

  6. Kelly says:

    I've certainly been wallowing the past couple of days. If it's not one thing, it's another.

  7. Since winter only lasts about two and a half minutes here in Los Angeles, I quite like winter when we have it. I know the day in and day out of it is a whole different, and wearing, experience. Stay warm!

    The photos are great. Your skies are so pretty!

  8. It is these Winter days that must drive us all to enjoy gardening so much. Even with the Winter I do enjoy your photos. There is always lots to see. Here on Lake Michigan Winter brings lots of snow off the lake and not a lot of sun. so when spring finally comes, we all do double time to get out and enjoy the air, sun, and soil. Can not wait, but must. In the mean time I do my blogging to keep the gardening spirit alive for me. In my blog, lots of pictures of warmer months and ideas to share. I enjoy doing the blog and all the feed back I receive. Jack

  9. Vince says:

    Rebecca/Kerry/Michele; It's the combo of all those things that really pushes it.

    Kelly; A good wallow now and then isn't a bad thing.

    Pumpkin Delight; Ha, you went to Hawaii for Christmas.

  10. Well you can find misery anywhere in the weather. Stepped off the plane into Australia expecting about 40 centigrade (100F) carrying not much more than some T shirts. Then needed to borrow warm clothes.
    Then 3 days of more rain than I have seen in a long time. North of here yesterday dozens have died in the rivers. There will be more today.
    Right here, Daylesford Victoria Australia, bushfires can take you out quite decisively. About 150 people on one day two years ago.
    Vince reminded me of California where I think I will be in September. Sonoma in Autumn was on my mind. Visual landscape magic. But this discussion reminds me it's not going to be Autumn.
    Woe Woe Woe

  11. sage says:

    beautiful photos! I like winter and find myself a bit sad when I see the days lengthening and Orion shifting closer to the western horizon… I'm weird!

  12. Jen says:

    I'm solar-powered myself. If I didn't live in the deep south I'd have to invest in one of those UV lamps to stay sane. I still might.

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