Amasing as it is but Chillies have not been in the shopping baskets of the average or even the not so average person from these Islands. Given that we’ve had potatoes and tomatoes and lots of other bits and bobs since Cortez  carried chocolate to Charles V about 1520. Anyhow, since the Summer I’ve become a convert to Chillies, such a convert that I now have some in most dishes I cook.
To-days installment came in the form of a mix of Chillies, tomatoes, shallots all finely chopped. With a dash of Nam pla, dark soy sauce, some olive oil and equal amounts of lemon. All with grilled breast of chicken. This meal was truly delightful. And one I must remember for the summer months.
While on the food tack. I’ve bought all the special food for Christmas week. I will cook rib-eye of beef for the day itself with the cold cuts for the following day. I do not consider the day after as leftovers as the beef takes on a different and lovely dimension. Day three and after, then you are in the the realm of left-overs. I have already cooked a Salmon cut it up and is now sitting in the freezer. And I’ve also made a Stew, I’m calling it a Stew for I cannot think what else to call it. I’m debating about Duck or Pheasant as a fun meal, but lamb is the meat that will see out the week. I tend to get as much as I can before the week, well before if I can.  

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  1. Kelly says:

    It all sounds good. Do you buy your duck/pheasant in the store or do you have someone who provides you with wild? We enjoy duck hunting (though I haven't gotten to go any this year – maybe in January) and have a freezer full of it.

    I agree… many things almost taste better the second day. I especially feel that way about my cornbread dressing at Thanksgiving.

    Oh – Jess appears to be having a grand old time in your header photo!

  2. R. Sherman says:

    We usually do a goose or a very young turkey on Christmas Eve, plus a herring salad in a nod to the wife's German-ness. I do a dry marinade of salt, pepper, garlic, and ground red chilies on the bird, and then roast with a sausage, rice and mushroom stuffing. Ham on Christmas day, then fish, usually trout, on New Year's Eve.

    There's something to be said for tradition, but I'm thinking about Boeuf Bourguignon for New Year's Eve this year.

    We'll have to see. Anyway, post a few photos of your creations, (and recipes, of course).


  3. Vince says:

    Yes Kelly, It's mostly from the shop we get Game these days. Over this past ten or so years there has been a reduction of hunting for there was a drastic drop off of wildlife. Almost a moratorium for a number of years so that the numbers lift again. And I have to say it to the good that we have bats and raptors again as a by product from this policy.

  4. Vince says:

    That sounds lovely Sherman. But Herring ?. Isn't herself about as far from a Herring as one can get, both where she came from and where she is now.
    For myself, the issue is not that I dislike Turkey or Goose. It's that I dislike having to eat them for a darn week. And truly, even when you freeze the overflow. It's 'loitering with intent'- an arrestable offense in some jurisdictions- within your freezer for months after, 'til the day you need space and then you bin it.

  5. Kate says:

    Sounds like busy cooking time!

  6. Michele says:

    We fell in love with chilies when we lived in Phoenix. Now, everything needs to be suitably spicy for us to eat it. Sounds like you've got your menu all planned out. We'll be traveling to visit family in Seattle the week after Christmas. I plan to let them do all the cooking.

  7. mmmmmmm! I love chili peppers. What kind did you use? So much of our local “cuisine” includes peppers of various kinds. I'm a sucker for anything spicy so that kind of cooking is a favorite over here.

    Your Christmas mealS sound grand. Definitely post photos and recipes.

    The picture of Jess at the top is so fun. She doesn't seem to have been put off by the snow does she!?!?

  8. Vince says:

    PumpkinD; I use all types. The hotter ones I cook in stews or mix with homemade burgers where they leach flavour into the surrounds. The lighter ones I eat in salads. I find them a very good teaching tool. You learn quickly.

    Michele; good for you. Do you do turn and turnabout. Like your place next year ?.

    Kate: I tend to go the less is more route. By taste inclination and lasiness. It's only certain foods like chicken. Where unless you go for homegrown it's largely flavourless, then I will do more than a few herbs and a shake of spice.

  9. honeypiehorse says:

    That does sound yummy!

  10. R. Sherman says:

    Vince, I don't get it either, but evidently, Bavarians do eat a mayonnaise-based herring salad around the holidays. There's a bowl of the stuff on every holiday buffet I've been to, though that could just be the EMBLOS moving the bowl from table to table, sort of like proverbial gift fruitcake that nobody eats, but regifts to someone else the next Christmas.


  11. sage says:

    Wow, I want to come to your house to eat on Christmas! Sounds delicious.

  12. The picture must be of your pointer in the snow. My pointer puppy seems quite keen on the snow but with the below zero temps, his poor little paws freeze.

    All the food sounds amazing. We are having a party for 20 this weekend. I need to start thinking about what to make.

  13. HulaBuns says:

    Yummm! Sounds delicious. I love chillies. My best friend is from India and has taught me all kinds of interesting ways to use them. Binderclips, on the other hand, can't stand too much pepper on anything. I usually cut them up and just add them on top of what I'm eating.

    So, do you have a huge family get together also? Or do you eat all that food on your own? With how stressful Christmas time is for us, sometimes I wish we just stayed home & were on our own.

    We will have ham at my parents and lamb at Binderclips' parents most likely, but your meals sound like they could def give ours a run for their money. 🙂

  14. kathryn says:

    Well, way to make ME feel inadequate. Wow! I didn't realize you were such a cook.

    And, I just have to mention(hopefully no-one else thought of it before me) your remark about the rib-eye for Christmas Day is JUST LIKE the Whos Christmas Feast from the Grinch.

    Now I'm picturing THAT. Roast beast….

  15. I love that you cook. It's very impressive. I drink at the holidays. I bring the wine — alot of it! But I also love to make cookies. Good ol delicious home made chocolate chip. You just can't go wrong with it! Happy holidays!

  16. Love your new masthead picture!

    Perhaps you're a Texan and never knew it? The Chillies fascination…we put them in everything but oatmeal.

    Lovely menu. What vegetables do prepare to go with the roast?

  17. Rebecca S. says:

    You sound like quite the cook! I love lamb, but it's too expensive to eat very often. Do you make Scotch Broth with the bone?

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