From Taiwan

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  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for sharing. I don't really know what else to say about that…except good info…and scary!

  2. HulaBuns says:

    Wow that was more violent than I had anticipated with the gun and the guy getting punched in all. So is this the business you were talking about on twitter with the IMF? I agree with Kate, this is good info but feckin (is that a swear word in Ireland? I saw it on one of the signs in the clip, If it is I meant “frickin” instead) scary. 🙂

  3. Vince says:

    Guys, this cartoon is unbelievably accurate. Today we passed a budget that cuts every aspect of State spending except the public service. And rather that default on the billions or set the Mint to super-drive like you did which does the same thing. We, leastwise our stupid Government, had borrowed €85billion in order to pay other debts. Why the feck borrow more to get deeper into debt. Kate is from California I think, well we are going about this in exactly the same way as they did there.
    On 'feck' is the past tense of 'to see' in Gaelic. Kids use it in the same way as frickin.

  4. Rebecca S. says:

    Interesting! Economic booms are almost bad for countries as they create a false sense of security for the future. Oil rich Alberta is a prime example here in Canada. They are supposed to have reserves for a rainy day, but then greed always seems to kick in.
    I noticed the protesters on the cartoon had two signs from a certain Father Ted episode: “Down with this sort of thing” and “careful now”. I thought that was pretty funny.

  5. honeypiehorse says:

    That is just.. stunning! When the Taiwanese start making fun of your capital markets it's time to worry.

  6. Vince says:

    hph; what capital markets. This went past stunning two years ago. What we're at at the moment is pissing on a forest fire.

    Rebecca; yes, a nice steady burn is far better than the level of insanity that went on in most of the English speaking area.

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