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Fin; as the Harold Loyd films said

It is quite hard to write an epitaph for 2010. Many personal plans came to nowt. Like my idea to walk part of the Camino d’ Santiago. While the actions of the Irish State boggled the mind of anyone with … Continue reading

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This says it far better than I.

Gaudete, gaudete! Christus est natusEx Maria virgine, gaudete! Tempus adest gratiæHoc quod optabamus,Carmina lætitiæDevote reddamus. Deus homo factus estNatura mirante,Mundus renovatus estA Christo regnante. Ezechielis portaClausa pertransitur,Unde lux est ortaSalus invenitur. Ergo nostra contioPsallat iam in lustro;Benedicat Domino:Salus Regi nostro. … Continue reading

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Bits and Bobs 2

I try to keep the blog light on the hard comment and high on the photos of the area I live. An area that I consider truly beautiful.Sometimes the outside world slips in, not often, but sometimes.For the most part … Continue reading

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Dusk 20th; Dawn 21st

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Amasing as it is but Chillies have not been in the shopping baskets of the average or even the not so average person from these Islands. Given that we’ve had potatoes and tomatoes and lots of other bits and bobs … Continue reading

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economic comment

While I don’t agree with his delivery, the sentiment is valid.

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From Taiwan

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