First frosty morning.

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11 Responses to First frosty morning.

  1. Kelly says:

    Looks like your pup doesn't mind the cold. Our outside dogs have “come to life” with these cooler temps. We've had three nights that have dipped below freezing in the past week, but it still nearly reached 80F yesterday!

  2. Michele says:

    I sometimes miss the crunchy frozen grass beneath my feet. Then I think, “man, it's cold out here. Where's my cocoa?”

    I love your dog.

  3. Vince says:

    Yes Michele, but it's not the cold so much as the wet that gets to the bones.

    Kelly, since the cold she has burst into life as well. And the ground is softer so she can run and run without bruising her paws. She is a delight to watch. However I must get to a gym soon.

  4. Beautiful! It's a balmy 75+ today in SoCal. I miss the cold, frosty mornings sometimes. I know that I'd quickly tire of them, but I like hearing the crunch under my feet when it's cold. Do you get much snow where you are?

  5. kathryn says:

    Brrrrr. I'm cold just looking at these beautiful photos. I'm not ready, I tell ya! Bring on the Indian Summer! Please??

  6. Kate says:

    Dear winter…go away…

  7. R. Sherman says:

    Good grief. I'm sure I posted a comment yesterday, which was are first full “frost on the windshield morning” this winter.

    Normally, I like cooler temps, but I'm always ready for spring after February 1st.


  8. HulaBuns says:

    I think you should keep the frost and don't send any of it my way, I don't want anything to do with it this year. We haven't had ours yet, but it does look like Jess is having a great time. My dogs, on the other hand, are not as fond of the cold (but they are half chihuahua, so they tend to get the shakes if you look at them wrong also). Love the pictures of the berries and the frost on them. Great pics!

  9. Vince says:

    Pumpkin D; Stop teasing me woman. It's not nice. 🙂

    kathryn; Sorry pet, the Indian summer ship has sailed long ago. The very best we can hope for is that we have a Sunny winter.

    Kate; well yes. But it wouldn't be so bad if dry and bright.

    You did Randall; But yes when the days get longer it's all to the good.

    HulaBuns; They seem bigger from their photos. I'm going to see if I can paint those berries. Damsons BTW.

  10. sage says:

    Beautiful photos… so you weren't impressed with my “mini” post earlier today? Sorry, I decided to delete everything and try to get the picture right in a new post and somehow, after deleting, I hit and then went to lunch, only to find that I had two comments on my non-existent post.

  11. Emily says:

    Beautiful! Frosty countryside always looks so lovely as long as you have a nice cozy house to retire to before you go numb.

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