The mind is a strange place

Nunavut. I missed it.
And it’s one of the nutty things that I really enjoy knowing about. Granted this was the year of my finals. But that’s not why. And how the heck did I live the last eleven years without ever encountering the fact that Canada grew and shrank on 1/4/99.

Seen as blogger is not about to produce the essay that went with the photos in my last post.
For some reason or another that I will not plumb,  women do not like getting a lift when their clothes will be covered by hair shed by Jess. My natural reaction on this is to allow them to walk. However, in general I accepted that I should have a better view and with this in mind I bought one of those grill thingamajigs. This keeps her safe in a hard braking situation as her usual position in the passenger seat with her nose out the crack in the window was not  good.
Anyhow, since I bought the thing, I set it up an hour or two before I go. And when the dog sees it carried to the car she starts jumping and heicing about. If she could do somersaults and shout ‘yes yes yes road trip road trip’. But once it’s in she will only leave the car to see if I’m ready yet.

That mountain area, I’ve come down one side and up the other more times than I can count. I think geographically speaking it’s a hanging valley.

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11 Responses to The mind is a strange place

  1. Kelly says:

    Dog hair seems to be a permanent part of my wardrobe. It even comes in a variety of colors so I can accent whatever I might be wearing.

  2. sage says:

    My dog is very loving, but even more so when I am wearing black wool trousers that seem to suck up his yellow hairs.

  3. Bernie says:

    Nunavat… brother and SIL were there for 3 years and enjoyed it very much.
    A few pet hairs never hurt anyone…..:-)

  4. R. Sherman says:

    Nunavat: Somewhere way north of me, but before you get to the North Pole, I think.

    Dog hair is the main reason I can't convince my wife to let me have the Malamute, I've always wanted.


  5. Vince says:

    Yes Randall, but one can be forgiven missing one or two of the central Asian republics, for none know where they are beyond a few dedicated Geographers and the fellows at NORAD. But blast the bridges this place existed for eleven years without anyone knowing anything about the place or the 'whys' of its existence.
    On the dog, just get the animal. I suspect your wife is worried that she will be the picker up of mess.

    @ Kelly, are women so critical of each other that a stray dog hair will drop the missfortunate person unknown notches in the spectrum.

    @ Sage. you have a one coloured dog. Errors sartorial cannot be laid to the door of the dog. You have seen the photos of Jess. I just have tweed with a mix mostly black but there are whites reds greens and every thing else.

    @ Bernie. you've not encountered the females of my family. In the last few years the number of weddings where I've been the 'taxi'. Non Alcohol. And where some cousin has turned up her nose at getting in is legion.

    @ Kelly; exactly, it's a bit like mothers having baby spit on their shoulder. The only people that object are those that think their farts should be bottles in the south of France by Givenchy.

  6. Beau says:

    Would love to go there one day, and I didn't know it went independent from Canada either. And I even worked at NORAD for a time!

    About pet hair, I agree with Bernie! You get back so much more 🙂

  7. Rebecca S. says:

    A friendly correction: Nunavut is another Territory of Canada, like the Yukon and Northwest Territories. It does have Inuit self-government, making it unique in Canada, but it is still very much a part of Canada – more like a distinct society (like Quebec). It has been wonderful for the Northern people and it seems to be a thriving territory.
    The grill thingy for Jess seems to be a win- win for everyone. But I will say I certainly prefer dog hair on my clothes to dog mess on my shoes 🙂

  8. Vince says:

    Yes I know Rebecca, it is classed as a Provence of Canada equal to BC or Quebec legally and politically speaking.
    And the grill thingy works now but it took a while and not a few scoldings.

  9. kathryn says:

    A “hanging valley”? As opposed to a “crumpled up on the floor in a heap” valley?


    Yeah, those jarring stops are murder on our furry friends in the passenger seat. I try and throw out my arm like my parents used to do when stopping suddenly.

  10. Jen says:

    I take my cats with me wherever I go – on my clothing. I say let those women walk.

  11. Vince says:

    @ Kathryn. Yes the stops can be hell. But the look of outrage you get from the hound in the well of the passenger seat can be totally hilarious. As can the passing look as she leaps into the rear with its clear 'puck you'.

    @ Jen. That's my instinct as well. But I'm told I should be less, something-or-other.

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