What the dickins

There are now five blades in a razor. Five. Just what are blades three four and five doing. Are they there to keep the first two company, for they sure as hell are not cutting any hair. Now I grant you that the cost has much to do with my ire and if they were for pennies I might buy them. But then I don’t think so.

That an Irishman had won at the Golf in the USA over the weekend and the attendant TV coverage has brought ‘sex addiction’ to mind.
This is an imaginary condition, little more than an excuse for men and women to nail any person foolish enough to have them. There is all this witter at the moment when what we are talking about has more to do with a lack of self belief than any hormone designed to reproduce. Self control is all very well when accompanied with self belief, but without it has all the dangers of brain washing for self-control is always part and parcel of a community. On this though the greatest tool of any army, its personnel unwillingness to let the side down, might be called a managed group think. Another word for this could be a clutch of teenagers.   Anyhow.

If the so-called addict is in company they will conform to the thought of the group for they rarely have the self belief to defend themselves.

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4 Responses to What the dickins

  1. Ed says:

    The second post this month I have read on the number of blades on a razor and their purpose. My opinion is that it is just the companies attempt to get you to buy another handle to go with those expensive heads because the five blades head has a different mount than the four bladed head and the four bladed head has a different mount than the three bladed head, etc.

  2. Vince says:

    But your average man is not idiotic about shaving. Other things, very much yes, but shaving after he has gotten over the daily grind of the thing, no. And tend to what works yonks after is has gone out of fashion.

  3. R. Sherman says:

    There's a diagnosis for everything these days, all of which are simply a means of abrogating one's own responsibility.

  4. Vince says:

    Some of which I whole heartedly believe, like PTSD after Iraq, Afghanistan or a car crash. And I also believe in ADHD but only in about 1% of those fed drugs for it. Mostly those kids need a good run about a large field while dreaming adventures and not be cooped up like some high security head banger.

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