A fishing spot.

I do a bit of fly fishing and this river is one of the places that provide. Our fishing season started on 17th of March, a day I cast a few without any expectation of a tickle. It had been almost two years since one could fish any of our rivers due to the volume of water. This year, so far anyway, the levels of rain are way below the norm but the temp has been down also. This caused any hatch of fly to be about two weeks to a month behind schedule.

The chopper is one belonging to the Irish coast guard and it is dropping down in the football pitch on a visit to the local primary school. One has to wonder a bit and hope also that the thing wasn’t needed by some fisherman in the Celtic Sea or the North Atlantic for I’m and it are about as far as can be from the coast.

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  1. R. Sherman says:

    Must go to Ireland.

    BTW, what would you recommend for a backpacking guide to the Emerald Isle. I'd feel safer walking with my stuff than renting a car and driving on the left.


  2. Vince says:

    Driving on the left isn't an issue for you will be sitting in the car on the correct side. The real problems begin when driving from Germany and come across on the ferry. Or us going the other way. While there are more people killed off motorbikes in the first few miles that its just not funny.
    As to the backpacking guide, I will look one up for the last one I caught sight of was for your daughters generation. But our walks tend to be in a loop. Except of course in Ulster where they have better laws on the Rights to roam.

  3. Jen says:

    I was hoping that air ambulance wasn't called for you. Your photos make me want to visit Ireland. I'm Irish and Native American. It would be interesting to see the homeland of my other ancestors.

  4. Looks lovely! So green. Glad the heli wasn't coming for you.

  5. Rebecca S. says:

    I think fly fishing is a very elegant-looking sport. I enjoy watching people cast – looks like it takes a lot of skill. Have you caught any this year, and do you have to release most of them?

  6. Vince says:

    @Jen. Me too, if that one was coming for you then something would be very wrong indeed. And send a mail and I'll see what I can find about your people.

    @DFG. that green is the first growth this year. Nighttime temp is still just above freezing, last week was below a few nights and there was froze on the grass when I brought the hound for her early morning patrol.

    Rebecca, elegant I do not know, but it is efficient. I can get the fly into an area little bigger than an A3 page but I know people that could land it on a penny.
    As the the catch, it depends what decided to hook itself.

  7. Tracey says:

    Will there be pictures of your big catch?

  8. Vince says:

    Ah Tracey, it's not the size of the fish but the fight in the fish. And for those in the know, we have the best Trout rivers in the World bar none. But I fish with a dry fly and I tend not to cast long so I fish the tributaries. Or to put it another way, I prefer to fish and leave the main river to those that wade into the water with enough equipment to cover the debt of a medium Nation.

  9. Rebecca S. says:

    Have you heard of Roderick Haig Brown? He came from England, originally but lived on the Campbell River on Vancouver Island. He wrote several books on fishing (and lots of other books of stories, too) that are considered classics – he was a wonderful writer. I visited his house several times when I lived nearby. It is now a historic site and B&B. They hold fly fishing lessons there still, I believe.

  10. Vince says:

    Never came by this fellow Rebecca, I'll see if I can get some at our Library.

  11. sage says:

    Beautiful. I've never been across the Atlantic. I've made it across the Pacific a few times, but never your direction. Glad to see you're fly fishing… I haven't yet been out this year, the times I had when I could go the rivers have been swollen and brown with so much water. As for a trout fisherman/writer, you should see if you can get your hands on Robert Traver's writings: “Trout Madness,” “Trout Magic” “Anatomy of a Fisherman” and “On Fishing.” I've reviewed the last book which is a collection from his other books. He's now deceased, but is from Michigan and is a hoot to read.

  12. Vince says:

    Yes, that's the trouble I had last year. There was so much colour and water in the rivers that the Fly was impossible. I will have a look for your fellow, and the possibilities are good for our libraries are very good indeed.

  13. Kelly says:

    My husband bought me a fly rod awhile back, but I've yet to try it out. Instead I've been hooked (pun intended) on bass fishing using plastic lures (weedless, which makes things easier for me). I did take a class in fly-tying, though, and made some that didn't look too shabby.

    You've had some very nice photos in your last few posts.

  14. Vince says:

    Thanks Kelly, And keep at the fly-fishing, you'll find it will be the only type you will do very quickly indeed. It's less mechanical somehow.

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