Doe a Deer

The Summer time came in over the weekend. Spring forward; Fall back, a good and useful saw even if none ever speaks of Fall for Autumn. It’s just one of those words that has you lifting your chin while narrowing your eyes to the mouth forming an Ohhhhh.
To the ear of  these islands it is like a bell clang in the middle of a drum tattoo. Ride is another, which has a different meaning entirely on this side of the Atlantic. Especially these days when even fewer mount a Nag.
Anyhow back to the point, the Hour Change. The normal run of things of a morning dans Chez Vince has me writing on this thing until the Hound inserts herself , first with a head on my knee, escalating to the situation where one morning she was sitting on my lap with me typing around her. But normally by the time she arrives I’m more that happy to get some fresh air.
These mornings we have all the Wild Yellows. Primrose, Tuberous Buttercup and the like. And there is even a slight greening of the grass pushing it to Olive from Brown. This morning is very different though, the rain has arrived turning the place into a quagmire which gave a good workout for man and Hound. But a head down sort of day. Not a day for a Camera. Idiot.
On turning through a gate I heard a crash down in the river, looked up just quick enough to catch the flash of a Roe Deers rump vanishing up the riverbed. The dog has not seen it but had heard it below her and took off to plunge into the river a few hundred yards up stream at a point where I thought she was behind. Imagine my consternation when the sound of the plunging through the water reversed and was coming back to me.
Two Deer appeared into the opening running at full tilt, or as full a tilt as running in water will allow. A doe with a pair of two foot long antlers and a calf, both to disappear over the bank before the Hound had rounded the bend.
Now my Hound is picky about what she will chase, Pigeons are her favorite and somehow she caught one last year. Next it’s Snipe, small fast birds where she has no hope of ever catching. Cats, but only because she has taken umbrage when she was savaged when all she was doing was playing. But Rabbits, No, they could romp around her. Why she decided to chase the deer I have no clue. But I’m as proud as punch.

I should have said that sighting Deer in the wild in Ireland is very rare. This was my first time outside of a National Park.

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13 Responses to Doe a Deer

  1. Kate says:

    Your dog sounds fabuous. We're trying to decide whether to get a dog – going around in circles with it all. Your post makes me want to go and find one immediately. We're getting kittens in a couple of weeks – after my old cat died before Christmas. But a dog would just be what would complete the picture….

  2. Vince says:

    Well Kate, I went to a rescue place. But I would not advise that with you. I was lucky with Jess, her only profound Issue was the bin lorry on recycling day. I think it was the plastic bottles being compressed. But you have kids, and with the best will in the world to the dogs your kids are more important.
    I think that when getting a dog it is not seeing the dog that matters but the sanity of the owners.

  3. sage says:

    One should be content to have a good dog… Sounds like your hound is a good one.

  4. Vince says:

    Yes Sage, I wondered if it was spotted whos fault Chez Vince hasn't the shoulders and haunch of two Deer ageing in his shed with Fillet on his dinner plate.
    Yes, she passed them, turned them, and sent them back to me. And I didn't even have a camera.

  5. Jen says:

    She did her part and is probably wondering why you didn't do yours. It would be great if you had a photo, but I'm thrilled to find that you are writing more.

  6. Vince says:

    Jen. When I opened the blog I uploaded a few photos but as I was on Dial-up until last November it took most of the day. That sort of turned me from the blog entirely.

  7. Rebecca S. says:

    Hi Vince. My computer is acting like I have dial-up today. I can imagine how thrilling seeing the deer in the wild would be when they are so rare. I remember a time when I saw three grizzly bears up on their cinnamon coloured back legs sniffing the air, and even though all of us in the group had cameras not one of us got them out in time to take a photo before the bears took off and up the mountain in less time than it takes to blink.
    I had venison once. It was delicious. (sorry to rub it in, Jess)

  8. Vince says:

    Wow, our wildlife are a bit less wild Rebecca, but you have gotten that breathless awe I felt. I really do not think it would matter if I had the camera.

  9. My dog, an Australian shepherd, loves to chase white tailed deer in the park and at the back of our property, but I'm sure he'd be terrified if he ever got anywhere near catching one. He just loves to chase the big bogeys and pretend he's boss.

  10. Vince says:

    DFG; isn't instinct marvelous.

  11. Anna May says:

    Hello Vince,
    Yesterday on a canal walk I saw a canoeist bale out of the water and run along the bank (carrying his canoe) pursued by a huge and very cross swan. My dog decided to aggravate matters and gave chase to them both. He saw off the swan and barked the canoeist back into the canal. It was very Benny Hillesque……
    Anna May x

  12. Vince says:

    LOL, Anna May, I see the picture.

    Btw, Nice one on the Naturist versus Swan reference.

  13. Kelly says:

    I've enjoyed looking through your blog. You have some lovely photos posted!!

    Is that your hound in one of the earlier posts? My outside dogs evidently caught a bunny last night, but not before it nibbled the tops off a few of our tomato plants!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You did quite well on the geography quiz… especially not being from the US!

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