Things you buy.

There are times that I think I’m part Magpie, for every so often I see some item where the design of the thing so moves me that I convince myself that it will be of use in the near future.

In the last few weeks I’ve found a use for two dust collectors. When I decided that I would not drink Coffee after 10am. And needed to make what little coffee I was drinking as special as could be.
Beyond some twinky on the TV who uses a Mortar and pestle these days. But I have to say that there is nothing like pulverizing your own cardamom and that grater is ideal for whole Nutmeg.
Cinnamon was a much more difficult proposition as it is near impossible to grind down like the stuff you buy. And then one morning in frustration I broke some bark in my hands, pitched it in and had the very best Cinnamon Coffee EVER.
I mentioned in my last post about paint. Well as anyone knows once you start in one room, onwards it goes inexorably. Nor does it sit with paint. Windows that were clean last week were now showing up Fly fingerprints. And in the Garden the Bay tree is not looking the best after the snow, and the Ceanothus bought as ground cover but now flowering where it can only be seen by birds and ‘planes, will if it does not show life be warming me one of the nights very soon.

Why on earth I put the pen down to show size on what is obviously a sheet of A4 is beyond me entirely

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  1. Rebecca S. says:

    When I was 18 I went to a cafe in Winnipeg with my sister and drank cup after cup of cinnamon-infused coffee. It was downright addicting – and made me very sick later that night.
    I've always wanted a mortar and pestle because freshly ground spices are the best, but I lack motivation. Do you put cardamon in your coffee or your tea?
    Last year my camelia bush budded and then froze, so no flowers, but this year it is in full bloom and beautiful.

  2. Vince says:

    I put the Cardamon in the coffee pot with the Coffee and then the water on top. But I put in the pod husk in as well.
    And yes I've had the Cinnamon in a coffee shop also. But this was something else again.
    On the Camellia, I love including them in a design, towards the back where they will cause reflection in Summer as well as the flower. Here I'm in total limestone and I really cannot be bothered to build a huge planter and fill with acid soil. But they are truly lovely.

  3. Tracey says:

    Vince…two posts with words. It is so nice to head from you about your own life. Though your photos have always been lovely.

  4. Rebecca S. says:

    Camellias, Rhododendrons, blueberries and all those acid loving plants thrive in our soil, which is a heavy clay one. I feed them about once a year or every two years. I'm sure they would like more looking after, but what they really like is pruning.
    And I agree with Tracey – more words, please!

  5. I use pestle and mortar to grind coriander, the seeds of cilantro which grows with abandon in my garden. It didn't even freeze this winter at all. I love cardamom too, but usually buy it ground. I will have to try whole. and in my coffee. it's good in squash.

  6. Hi there, I like your very insightful comments on Sage's blog (the one that he did a review of Lost on Planet China by Troost). You know, apparently he thought that being funny, at the expense of others, is perfectly fine. Goodness, no wonder we could never have world peace. Btw, squatting toilets are the best natural thing. We humans are supposed to squat when answering the call (the action has been proven, in the medical world, to be good for the spine. Like I once hurt my back so bad, I told the surgeon that whenever I squatted, I got instant relief, his face lit up and told me that it is scientifically proven, that squatting is good for the spine). Nonetheless, we stupid humans choose to defy nature, we waste tons of materials to construct the big white elephant, cut down plenty of trees, waste another ton of energy to bleach them, transport them, then at the end of the day, let them all choke up the landfills. And what, people call that progress? 🙂

  7. Vince says:

    Yes Tracey. I will try to mix in future.

    Rebecca, you know that 'til WW1 they grew the Camellias under glass.

    DFG, Cardamon in Orange squash ?. And I like the coriander on chicken, it puts some flavour. You would have to wonder how they managed to make that meat flavourless.

  8. Vince says:

    TRMH, I agree with Sage and his opinions a good bit of the time. However I reserve the right to disagree with him, and I do not feel that he would ever question that right.
    Honestly, the writings of Sage are well worth the reading beyond any one post.
    And really, how much agreement do you have with anyone even yourself.

  9. Rebecca S. says:

    Nice new look for your blog, Vince. Very nice! I'm popping by again to say, wouldn't an 'Honest Scrap' award look nice here? If I can award it to someone who always has an honest, well thought out comment to give, and deserves encouragement to put more words on his own blog, couldn't that be you? If you are into that sort of thing, just copy/paste the award from mine and think up ten interesting things about yourself that your friends in blogland don't already know (quite a mine there, really), it's yours. There, I have offered it to you and Dreamfarm Girl. My work here is done (for now 🙂

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