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When I worked as a landscape designer this would reflect what I did. Very close to my style.


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Needed to dump vast amounts of photos, 500 and counting

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I’m just not sure.

I’ve been using my little BBQ quite a lot as the days have been dry, albeit not that warm. I found that after the first day it never really worked all that well for it was either too hot of not warm enough. I read on-line and had a chat with a New Zealander who said lava rock was the thing. The thing is I don’t know where they should sit relative to the burner. As is, from the photo (and it is cooking beef far better with rock than with that steel tent thing) the rock is a good bit above the burners and the food is, but for the rack, sitting on them.
Yeah I know it’s a small thing. But it did for seven 10 oz. Granted without much room. True I lusted after contraptions that looked like the bridge of the Enterprise, but sanity took over.


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Just a bit crazy.

How crazy, on a spectrum is it, to get up at dawn to open the shed door to allow the swallows out. Last week I was late, 7:30am, and had the two birds sitting on a clothes line looking at me with what I can only call exasperation.

You know something, for all their wildness they have no issue flying about my head and scooting out the gap before the door is fully open. But even I think 5:15am is a bit early.

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Rimless, OK or soooooooooo 2010

Rimless, OK or soooooooooo 2010. It seems I can get rimless glasses at a price that won’t break the bank. But do they look odd to downright weird.

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Help and advise.

I’m all set to get new eye glasses. And I’d really like, of once, beingĀ ‘on point’ style wise. Not as for years buying face-ware in the same shop as the retired Pope.

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